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Jean Cocteau


Maurice Gottlob

Curieux destin que celui de Maurice Gottlob. Des ateliers de Rodin jusqu'à son poste de garde champêtre il n'a jamais renoncé à son amour de l'Art. Grâce à sa peinture bucolique, on retrouve l'âme du Mougins d'antan.

Le musée Gottlob au sein de l’Espace Culturel au village de Mougins lui consacre ses cimaises.

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Francis Picabia

In 1925, Francis Picabia left Paris to move to Mougins on the Mediterranean coast. It was then, more precisely in 1928, that he began his series of “Transparences,” obviously a reference to Surrealism, the artistic movement he joined in 1924. These compositions are painted with several layers of colour superimposed in transparency. In a way as in Surrealistic photography, these paintings accumulate motifs very often inspired by Antiquity and covered with a monochrome veil. Some of Francis Picabia’s works are on display at the Classical Art Museum of Mougins.


Pablo Picasso

On 8 April 1973, Pablo Ruiz Picasso died at the age of 91, at Notre-Dame-de-Vie, his last residence in Mougins, where he also had his last studio.
The world-renowned Spanish artist was very familiar with the perched village he had already known with one of his many Muses, Dora Maar, from 1936 to 1939.
At the time, the painter often chose to go out alone at night with his chauffeur Marcel, in his spacious Hispano-Suiza.

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