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With 11 Fitness Clubs in the Alpes-Maritimes from Nice to Cannes, the Fitlane group also opened in Mougins. Body building, cardio training, yoga, zumba, step, stretching, pilates, rpm…. Group classes to sweat and have fun and as well as RPM and spinning classes!

You want to loose some weight or gain muscle mass?

Discover the muscle training and a cardio-training area with the latest equipments.

Also enjoy the sauna in every club. Secure lockups and changing rooms. 


CrossFit Antipolis

CrossFit is a strenght and conditionning  program with constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement excercises.
Always changing the workouts, never letting your body adapt, great for getting results. your body never gets used to anything.



Our coaches can come on site (your company) and organise sessions during lunch hours, or to your home on your convenience.
Full and varied outdoor training, split high intensity training, muscle toning, abdominals, core strength, cardio….

During school holidays and on Saturday mornings, Fitness sessions in the old village of Mougins for Mums, while Children can participate at cooking lessons at Zest (Rue des Lombards). The Children will be able to take their creations home.


Salle de Musculation des Campelières

Open to the public from Monday to Saturday.

Special hours during school vacations. Specific programs and physical preparation supervised by a certified coach.

Rates for residents of Mougins and Cannes: €30/month, €74/trimester, €214/season.
Rates for non-residents: €34/month, €86/trimester, and €248/season.



Gymnase des Campelières

Classes in stretching, tonic, cardio, soft gym, abs, glutes, step, posture stretching, zumba, etc. Monday to Friday – adjustment of hours during school vacations.

Rates for residents of Mougins and Cannes: 2 classes/week = €66/trimester, €181/season.
Package at €81/trimester and €219/season.
Rates for non-residents: 2h = €79/trimester, €214/season.
Package at €97/trimester and €260/season.



Fitness Cannes Mougins

Open all year from Monday to Friday, 8:30 – 21:30 / Saturday: 9:00 – 19:00. Sunday: 9:00 – 16:00.
Closed Sunday mornings in July and August.

Group classes, weight training, cardio, zen, Pilates, bike, sauna, hammam, aesthetics. Massages.

Rates with or without a contract.


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