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10 Lomb'Art

For me, sculpting can be defined in two words…….Love and Beauty.

My shapes are born from the marriage between my hand and the soul of the matter. One does not exist without the other.
My creation is spontaneous; my will has very little power, because I am guided by its beauty.
As tough as it seems, a stone can be wounded by a brutal approach, causing it scars that are impossible to mask.

The first step is to smooth out the piece with a mallet and chisel. Then gradually, with love and tenderness, begin the longest and most arduous task of filing, caressing, patiently polishing until you get a stone that shines like satin, soft and sensual to the touch, a piece that dazzles with pride.

Just like the consequences of an unhappy passion, the matter retains its indelible legacy inside itself, whereas a tender and respectful approach results in a creation of grace, peace, and harmony.

In life, like in art, you only receive as much as you give.

Michelangelo is famous for saying that all he did was liberate the sculpture imprisoned in his stone.
I cannot express it better than him.

Love and Beauty.