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The Fontmerle pond

Fontmerle pond, located on the edge of Parc de La Valmasque, is a rare, remarkable site covering some 5 hectares. The pond is in its natural state, with a surprising collection of lotuses planted here in the 1960s by the former owner, Monsieur Gridaine, and is now the largest lotus colony in Europe.

The lotuses are in bloom from July to mid-September with flowers reaching a diameter of 25 centimetres, 1 metre for leaves. Bald cypress trees from Florida swamps near the Gulf of Mexico have roots which project above the water, forming “knees” (pneumatophores). This pond is also remarkable for its many birds, with over 70 species described there, some remaining year round, while others return only in winter. The pond, which is part of Parc de La Valmasque, is open to visitors year round.


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