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Golf Country Club de Cannes Mougins

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The new chef at Cannes-Mougins has a simple slogan: the key to a good restaurant is teamwork.

Nicolas Godebert is not interested in making himself conspicuous.
What he likes and what motivates him is managing a cohesive team. He enjoys making “comfort foods” that highlight the local terroir and traditions, as well seasonal dishes that give weight to quality and simplicity.

Where is he from, and what is his background?
The grandson of a restaurant owner, he is opening the doors of his kitchen to answer our questions.
A native of Paris, where he was trained by Michelin-starred chef Michel Rostang, Nicolas earned his stripes at the Hôtel Raphael in the 16th arrondissement. Then he spent 18 years overseas, on the island of St. Martin in the West Indies.
He owned a restaurant for 10 years, and then embarked on a new adventure by becoming a private chef. It was an enriching experience for him as a chef as well as in terms of the relationships he formed with his clients.
Being attentive, knowing how to respond to demands, being able to create using what he has at his disposal, and remaining open are all essential qualities to the success of this mission.

Having arrived at Cannes-Mougins, Nicolas knows that he now faces a sizeable challenge in working with a new category of clients: golfers. Here, the main factor is the element of time, as it is necessary to provide delicious and warm dishes quickly.

Interior capacity: 100 people/Exterior capacity: 100 people