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Marie-Blanche Giannorsi

I had a business in fashion design. I worked in France but also in NY and Los Angeles. Fashion and Art are very close, so naturally I came to painting. The taste for the faces and the female bodies, the expressions, the looks come to me from this experience of life, and I continue to create in another way with the same happiness. Very young, I felt femininity as a sign of weakness. Then, adult, this has been confirmed. That's why I paint beautiful and free women, strong and determined. I love this "schizophrenia" of the sweet and feminine woman but strong spiritually. I like large canvases, they allow me to paint with great spontaneity and beautiful brushstrokes. I need to "mistreat" the canvas, stain it, wipe it, scrape it. I use acrylic for a reason of speed of execution but the ink has become essential even if it does not allow you to go back! I also paint with oil.