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Nanou Herman Workshop

For Chinese wise men, an accomplished man is one who knows how to let his inner child live! NANOU HERMAN, a painter from Mougins, doesn’t contradict this. NANOU HERMAN, through the sweetness of her paintings, continues to build bridges between the child’s universe and the adult’s world.

NANOU HERMAN’s creations are original, touching, and relevant. She walks the universal symbol of happiness, friendship, and tenderness across her crude linen cloth: a little teddy bear.

Art for children? Not really! This painter’s work is adult. It brings together businessmen, lawyers, airline pilots, and doctors around the same value: happiness. It brings them back to the happy times of innocence. A return to basics. For many who are weighed down by stress and the weight of responsibilities, this resurgence is lifesaving! Because when you look at a painting, it’s a bit like awakening your soul. Deep emotion produced by lightness, simplicity, and naive certainties suddenly resurface.

For a moment, life is sweet. NANOU HERMAN sometimes likes to add a few words to her paintings. The spell works with even greater strength.

"Happiness is very small, so small that sometimes we don't see it. Open your eyes... it's next to you..."

The phrase set on the canvas, in beautiful golden writing, acts like a magic formula, an "abracadabra" to bring forth a better world; an "open sesame" to open the doors to wonderland.


Opening period: 

Open only the week-end & by appointment.