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Ranc Workshop

Jean-Michel Ranc is a passionate cabinet maker. He has a special talent for creating and restoring inlaid furniture. He uses a variety of materials—primarily wood, but also mother of pearl, ivory, horns, tortoiseshell, pewter, metal, and semi-precious stones.

As an experienced gilder, Karin Ranc has been dedicated to her profession for many years. She decorates a wide variety of objects, including frames, inscriptions, ornaments, mirrors, sculptures, furniture, and even architectonic elements such as gilded interior walls. Practically any object you hold dear can be enhanced through gilding.

When you visit, you will be able to choose from unique pieces manufactured in our workshops. We will be delighted to show you the furniture, lighting, objects, and gilded marquetry and wood we designed in our boutique “Arts de la Maison”. We look forward to your visit!

You can also stop by our boutique “Arts de la Maison”, where you will find gifts, decorative objects, restored antiques as well as a few rare handcrafted pieces created in our workshops.
We look forward to your visit!