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Sintitulo Gallery - Contemporary Art

Established in Mougins 10 years ago, the Sintitulo Gallery primarily supports young artists from the Mediterranean Basin.

The gallery offers them the opportunity to create personal exhibitions and design powerful pieces, regardless of dominant esthetic and conceptual trends.
It’s a commitment to “art in the making" that defines our choices and determines our intuition.

Distributing this type of work to the public is central to the gallery’s philosophy, encouraging an inquisitive public to develop a fundamental intimacy with works of contemporary art.
The Sintitulo team sets aside time for schoolchildren to visit and contemplate the exhibitions, and offers contemporary art introductory workshops for adults.
Our primary objective is to cultivate knowledge about contemporary art to the public at large.

The Sintitulo Gallery was born from a passion for contemporary art that its founder, José Louis Albertini, has been nurturing for over forty years.
Having been previously located in New York (GBG Gallery, 1980-1988) and in Nice (Sintitulo Gallery, 1992-1998), the gallery is now based in Mougins, and provides a unique perspective on contemporary art.


Opening period: 

Open by appointment.