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David ONEN Workshop

Talent is genetic with the Onen family, and the art of being a leader of color transposition is passed down from generation to generation. David is the rightful heir, and his work proves it to us!
His recipe: to create pictorial works with a gastronomic theme, combining smells and tastes as a new dimension.
To captivate our senses, Onen has, over time, concocted an artistic feast using pictorial works of his paintings—the taste of a genius! Beyond the harmony between gastronomy and painting, Onen cooks up streams of colors for us, that touch the soul and make foodies out of his fans...

Art gourmet, the genius of David Onen delights minds, and one could almost talk about molecular painting when it comes to this master painter, who is studying the elementary matter that makes up the ingredients of his imagination, to optimize the chemical reactions that take place during color mixing and maceration. This visual artist of taste knew how to combine his artistic work with his passion for gastronomy and aims to use paint to better master it chemically.

This alchemist of color is a genius whose prosperity should make him proud and I recommend an informed view on this artist, who truly has the taste of a job well done.
Like a palm reader, I predict that David Onen’s painting will leave an imprint in future art books, because it is already making our pupils wiggle with pleasure, putting our hearts in a flutter, and giving us an artistic appetite.